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From time-sensitive newsletters to glossy consumer magazines

The people of Conjectivity have helped to prototype cutting-edge newsstand magazines including Spirituality & Health, create and launch exclusive high-value professional newsletters such as The M&A Journal (providing analysis of corporate mergers and acquisitions), and quarterly journals for non-profit and educational organizations.

Our services range from brainstorming stories to copy editing and line editing; art research to fact-checking; original designs of new publications to redesigns of established ones; subscription list management to marketing strategies.

The dynamic interplay of words, image, and design is the essence of a magazine. We bring unusual expertise in the integration of all of these elements. Unfortunately, some otherwise excellent graphic designers tend to see copy as “grey stuff” that’s subordinate to the artistry of the layout, while some writers and editors can feel that design and image are not always sensitively chosen to communicate the meaning of the text. Fortunately, Conjectivity can bring text, image, and design into harmony to enhance both the publication process and reader understanding.

Some publications to which Conjectivity has contributed are here:


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